Hebrew Roots Transition Training

Learn the Truth about the Kingdom of God, the Body of Believers and your authority as a royal priest, so that God’s power can transform your life and reclaim your community! In the 1st Century, Jewish and Gentile believers in Messiah were one! They experienced the power of God, demonstrated in signs, wonders and miracles, as well as thousands receiving the Good News on any given day. Let us return to the power released in the 1st Century by reconnecting with the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith. Join us online starting on January 1st, 2022, for our Hebrew Roots Transition Training.

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This training will be held in 8 sessions, all of which build upon each other, online via Zoom on the following Saturdays at 1pm EST until 2:45pm EST: 1/1/22, 1/15/22, 1/29/22, 2/5/22, 2/19/22, 3/5/22, 3/19/22 and 4/2/22. There will be a 1-page essay required to successfully complete this training.

What you'll experience


You'll come to understand your personal need for transformation, as God reveals His desire to transform you.


Gain a more intimate relationship with God, and learn how to better relate to ALL of His people--Jews and Gentiles.


Transformation is necessary for your next level! This training will help you discover your next level and the transforming experiences you're in right now!


Receive training to continue the work began by the believers in the 1st Century.


Receive deliverance from falsehood. Then be refilled with the power of the Truth!


Be prepared for the Millennial Reign of Messiah from Jerusalem and reigning with Him!

Ready to discover the Truth in God's Presence?

Read what past participants have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The Truth in the Spirit, Hebrew Roots training is LIFE CHANGING! If you desire intimacy with the Most High, you must take this course. The instructors are full of humility and transparency. Yeshua is longing to reveal His truth to you, so you will be the BRIDE that HE is looking for. Don't wait a minute longer...."

Michelle David

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Learning the Hebrew Roots of the faith has re-introduced me to the God of the bible and given me a clearer picture of who He is, His standards and who I am in Him. It has given me a better understanding of the scripture and how it’s applied to everyday life from its original context and the perspective of Israel. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to be transformed in every area of life."

Tiketa Miles-Whitfield

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The Hebrew Roots Transition Training is an absolute must for those seeking solid, sound, and Spirit-led teaching on their Hebrew Roots journey. It has caused me to grow deeper in my relationship with the Messiah by helping me to gain a greater experiential and contextual understanding of the Ways of God and His Holy Scriptures. Every anointed session was a sacred moment and a divine encounter in the Heart of God."

Adrienne B. Gordon

For All Faith Levels

This training is for ALL believers in Messiah Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ) who want to get to know Him better, understand the Scriptures well, and receive divine authority in the Kingdom of God. No requisite knowledge or education is needed to join us!

Based On Truth

This training was created by Apostle Markita Brooks at the leading of the Holy Spirit, and every detail is supported by Biblical texts and historical facts. In fact, we welcome you to respectfully challenge anything that you believe does not line up with the Bible or historical data. However, we encourage you to prepare to be challenged, as the Holy Spirit gently guides you to the Truth!

About Your Trainer

Markita Brooks is the founder and senior apostle of The Truth In The Spirit. As an apostle and prophet, she hears clearly from God and enjoys sharing His truth with others. God continues to develop Markita and The Truth In The Spirit into agents of transformation and empowerment for individuals, businesses, organizations, ministries and young people. She is the published author of The Road to Damascus: Transformation for the Next Level, 5 Biblical Keys to Unlocking Wealth, as well as various other booklets and trainings. Markita is also a business coach, consultant, and CEO of Kingdom Wealth, LLC, a business coaching and consulting firm “creating wealth to do the MOST GOOD” and the President and Founder of the Ari Network, connecting Kingdom entrepreneurs to grow Bible-based businesses.


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